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Styling & Volumizing Hair Products for Show Dogs

Your dog is beautiful no matter what, but if you want to impress the judges, you'll need a little extra help. Our selection of Make it BIG products have everything you need to create beautiful volumized and texturized hairstyles that last as long as you need them to! Start with a shampoo to remove oily buildup and add texture, then follow it up with the Make it BIG conditioner to add nourishing ingredients, including keratin for added strength. Our texturizing sprays are ideal for hair that's too soft and flies away, while our hairsprays create the ultimate finish. Volumize dog's hair from start to finish with products designed specifically for the task.
We know that when showing your dog, appearance is half the battle. Keep them looking great without products that stick or build up, products that contain harmful ingredients or products that simply don't work.
All of our styling products for dogs are guaranteed not only to work but also nourish the coat in the process. We never use alcohol, parabens, sodium chloride or sulfates because we care about your pet's health as much as we do our own. Our products are pH-balanced and can be re-used throughout the day to keep styles fresh and neat.

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TEASE ME Volume + Texturizing Powder by SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Products TEASE ME Volume + Texturizing Powder

TEASE ME Volumizing + Texture Powder

Adds Volume & Texture

A little goes a long way.
This unique, extremely lightweight powder adds volume and texture.
Never feels sticky or stiff, and can be used frequently throughout the day.
Top knots made easy!

Formulated for you by Pish Pad, llc

Our Price: $19.95

Make It BIG Shampoo [8oz] by SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Make It BIG Shampoo [8oz]

Make It BIG Shampoo
Ultimate Volume
No Alcohol, Parabens or Sulfates

Formulated to remove oily build up and gently cleanse the coat and skin while adding weightless volume. Thickening agents help lift the coat and add body while Pro Vitamin B and botanicals help reduce breakage and add shine. Ph Balanced
Ideal for coats that are too soft

Our Price: $21.95
Make It BIG Conditioner [8oz] by SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Make It BIG Conditioner [8oz]

Make It BIG Conditioner

Ultimate Volume + Texture
Hydrates, Conditions, Lifts
No Alcohol, Parabens, Sodium Chloride or Sulfates

The ultimate volumizing conditioner infused with Keratin to nourish the coat and maximize texture and body. Ph Balanced

Our Price: $21.95

Make It BIG Volumizing Mist by SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Make It BIG Volumizing Mist [8oz]

Make It BIG Volumizing Mist

Maximum Texture + Control
No Alcohol, Parabens or Sodium Chloride. UV Protectant

Our strongest volumizing and styling spray that can be used on damp or dry coats to create dense texture and body.

Our Price: $23.95