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Dog Beauty Routine Tips

Your Dog's Beauty is a Lifestyle

Your dog needs more than just a great grooming routine to feel good. Diet and exercise are also major factors in helping your dog to look and feel their best. Here are some tips that will help your dog feel better starting from the inside.

Dog Diet

Before changing your dog’s diet be sure to consult your vet. It is also a good idea to research your breed for specific tips and restrictions.

  • Omega-3s are an industry favorite for giving your dog a soft and shiny coat naturally. There are a few ways you can include this fatty acid in your dog’s diet:

  • 1. Oil - drizzle a little bit in your dog’s food each day
    2. Fish - give your dog sardines, salmon, or tuna once a week
    3. Enriched foods - find dog food with Omega-3s in the formula
  • Switch from kibble to raw food. Raw food has become more popular recently and you can find raw food in most pet stores. This healthy alternative has the added benefit of no preservatives so you are truly giving your dog fresh, natural food.
  • Make your own dog food from fresh quality ingredients. You can do this ahead of time and make a big batch of chicken, rice, and vegetables and freeze or refrigerate each meal for an easy heat and serve. You’ll dog will love it and you will love knowing you’re feeding your dog quality food.
  • * Give your dog eggs every once in awhile for extra protein and better skin.

    Dog Exercise

    Exercise for dogs isn’t just about looking good or getting out restless energy. Dogs that maintain a healthy weight live longer and tend to have less health problems. Additionally, exercise can be mentally stimulating helping the dog to stay sharp and happy.

  • Give your dog the opportunity to exercise at least once a day. If you have a big and energetic breed you may want to consider twice a day or a long play session so they get enough exercise.
  • Consider taking your dog to daycare when you go to work. This can give your dog the opportunity to play and socialize all day long.
  • Get problem solving toys to exercise your dog’s brain. There are different games and toys you can buy that will challenge your dog mentally and usually include treats to reward them for figuring it out.