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The Pish Pad – Holds it When Your Dog Can’t!

The Pish Pad is the first reusable dog incontinence pad of its kind. Unlike other washable puppy pads, Pish Pad is ideal for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. Our patented technology ensures that as liquid comes into contact with the pad’s top layer, it is immediately contained in one place and quickly disappears. Once inside, a second layer effectively traps liquids and their odors so they can’t escape. Whether your pet is crated or free to roam, you can rest assured he'll stay dry, clean and free of matts.

This indoor/outdoor puppy pad securely adheres to almost any surface, and won't slip or budge whether you keep it on tile, wood, concrete or carpeting. Cut it to size with a pair of regular scissors to fit it inside kennels, on exam tables, in whelping boxes and more.
Pish Pad’s bottom layer consists of a tough plastic urethane barrier to protect floors from any potential leaks. Wash and dry it again and again. Over time, we guarantee the Pish Pad is more environmentally friendly and more cost effective than Wee Wee Pad, Pee Pee Pad, Pooch Pad and any other puppy training pads or washable indoor pee pads for dogs.

  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Has dozens different of uses
  • Environmentally friendlier than throw away pee pads
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Can be rinsed in the sink or hosed down outdoors and then rung out to dry
  • Will not shrink
  • Will not retain any odor
  • Will not stain
  • Can be cut with a regular scissor
  • Can be cut into any size depending on how and where you want to use them
  • Because the Pish Pad is bonded, the ends will not fray when cut to size
  • Can be used on top of or in place of hygienic flooring
  • Can be used for crate training new puppies
  • Can be used in whelping/litter boxes
  • Can be used on tile, wood, linoleum, cement, carpet and virtually any surface without slipping or staining
  • More cost effective than wee wee pad, pee pee pad, Pooch Pad and puppy training pads
  • Used by Breeders, Show Dog Exhibitors and Pet Owners
  • Used at Grooming Salons on tables for drying and trimming
  • Used at Veterinarian clinics on exam tables
  • Used in Boarding facilities Nationwide
  • Pish Pad is made in the U.S.A!
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Pish Pad 36" x 36" Pish Pad 36" x 36"

(1) 36" x 36" Pieces of Pish Pad

Our Price: $60.00

Pish Pad 24" x 24" [2 Pieces] Pish Pad 24" x 24" [2 Pieces]

(2) 24" x 24" Pieces of Pish Pad

Our Price: $84.00

Pish Pad 36" x 72" Pish Pad 36" x 72"

(1) 36" x 72" Piece of Pish Pad

Our Price: $120.00