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Pish Pad Reusable Puppy Pad Use & Care Instructions

We invented the Pish Pad after years of breeding and raising dogs, and discovering that we were spending more time cleaning up after them than we were getting to enjoy their company. Whether you're a breeder, a vet clinic or just own one or two dogs, the Pish Pad is designed to make your life (and theirs) easier.

What does Pish Pad do?

Plain and simple, the Pish Pad is designed to replace your throwaway puppy pads. Whether you're using them for training, you have an apartment dog or you're dealing with incontinence issues, you've likely noticed that throwaway pads just aren't as convenient as they claim. Not only do puppy pads generate a ton of extra waste, they fail to absorb liquids and smells quickly enough to keep your pup and your home free of messes and odors.
If you're tired of matted hair, bad odors and excessive cleanup protocols, it's time for a Pish Pad. Pish Pads absorb liquids and smells almost on contact, so you'll never deal with disposable products again!

Wire Haired Dachshund on a Pish Pad

How does it work?

When a mess is left, Pish Pad ensures that everything is immediately contained to one area. Our patented technology ensures that any liquid that comes into contact the pad’s surface is immediately absorbed. A second layer inside the pad then traps liquids and their odors so they can’t escape. This means that no matter what, your puppy won't sit in or distribute his or her pish throughout the crate, play pen or your home.

How does Pish Pad work - the secret of the reusable puppy pad

Who needs it?

There's nothing more offensive than the look and smell of wet, dirty, stained puppies on saturated newspapers or throwaway puppy pads. Whether you're living alone, expect lots of guests or bring potential puppy buyers into your home, presentation is everything.
This is the one and only washable and reusable product that can be custom cut (without fraying) to line ex pens, whelping boxes, cages, crates, grooming tables, grooming areas, sink areas, and potty areas (indoors and outdoors).

Whelping maltese dog using the reusable puppy pad to stay clean and dry

How to Use the Pish Pad

Only Pish Pad can be cut to size, layered and then washed and re-used over and over with ease. Pish Pad provides the ideal surface for dogs to exercise and relieve themselves on without getting stained and soiled. The top layer, was not only chosen for its ability to allow liquid to be absorbed quickly, it also permits the dog to move freely without slipping.

Pre-layered non-leaking reusable puppy pads in crate

First, decide where you'll place the Pish Pad. You can cut the pad into any size; it won't fray or unravel. Place the pad in crates or directly on any surface. The pad can be placed on tile, concrete, carpet or grass; this pad is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
Layer the pad for additional protection. Pish Pad was designed to greatly reduce crate and cage cleaning time so you'll have more quality time to do what you love with your dogs.

Pro Tip for Breeders

Training your pups on Pish Pad and then sending a Pish Pad home when your puppy leaves makes the transition into the new environment effortless helps to complete the training process for the new owners.

Pish Pad Care & Cleaning Instructions

Pish Pad was invented by dog breeders with the dog breeder in mind. Raising dogs as a hobby is a lot of work and can be very time consuming. We wanted to develop a product that would cut cleaning time in half; a safe product that would be reusable and eco-friendly and launder easily without excessive wear and tear on your washer and dryer.

Although any style washer will get the job done, for best results and to prolong the life of your pad we recommend washing in a high efficiency top or front loader.
The pad should be laundered by itself to prevent any damage done by heavier materials during the wash cycle.

Wash the pad on a normal cycle using warm water and the high spin setting.
Any kind and brand of laundry detergent will work well. As with any type of material, excessive use of bleach can cause damage to the materials. We do not recommend using fabric softeners.

Pish Pad can be hung to dry or dried on lowest heat setting.