Professional Dog Grooming Tools

A beautiful dog coat doesn't come naturally. Regular grooming and maintenance plays a large part in keeping your dog's mane beautiful, whether you're preparing for the ring or you're the loving owner of a companion dog or two. Keep them looking and feeling great with high-quality show dog-approved grooming tools designed specifically for each job.

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SHOW Latex Bands for Wrapping Coats SHOW Latex Bands for Wrapping Coats

Highest Quality Heavy Weight Professional Grooming Latex Bands
Use with any type of wrapping material to contain and grow coat.
Approximately 1800 (single color band) per bag.
*Made In The USA*

Our Price: $15.00
SHOW The 'Perfect' Latex Bands for Growing Coat SHOW The 'Perfect' Latex Bands for Growing Coat

Highest Quality Lightweight, Professional Grade Grooming Latex Bands

  • This is THE 'perfect' weight, size and tension band, kept secret, and used by the Professionals for growing long and strong coat on faces and heads.
  • Helps prevent tangles and knots.
  • Won't tighten up on or grab the coat and create webbing.
Now you know!

Approximately 1800 (single color band) per bag.
*Made In The USA*

Our Price: $15.00
Doggone White Tear Stain Cosmetic Powder Mist Doggone White Tear Stain Cosmetic Powder Mist

Effective toward eliminating current and future tear and body staining
Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Septic properties
All Natural / Antibiotic + Boric Acid Free
Light fragrance

Our Price: $16.95

Professional Fine/Medium Comb [Small 4.5"] Professional Fine/Medium Comb [Small 4.5"]

  • 4.5" long
  • Medium and Fine teeth
  • Used for combing through face hair and feet
  • Detailing and Finishing Comb

Our Price: $16.95
Doggone White Cosmetic Whitening Powder Doggone White Cosmetic Whitening Powder

Removes Stains
Cosmetic-Grade Whitening

Our Price: $29.95


Regular Dog Brushing

Whether you're showing your dog or not, it's important to keep him well-groomed from head to toe, and not just for appearances' sake. Keeping your dog's hair free of tangles today will prevent the formation of painful mats that can quickly create hot spots and sores on your pup's skin. Use a de-shedding comb with a set of long and short teeth to safely remove a thick undercoat as you brush, a slicker or pin brush to detangle and style through long coats, and a professional comb to work out knots and lift coats for trimming.

Trimming Dogs' Feet

Fluffy feet are adorable, but regularly trimming the hair between your dog's toes and around his pads is just one more essential part of dog grooming. Keeping his pads free of excess hair helps to reduce the chance of dirt buildup, which leads to tangles and hot spots. In winter months, snow can quickly accumulate under the feet due to excess hair, and during the rest of the year, foot fur is prone to capturing burrs, sap, mud and other materials that could lead to pain and injury.
Trimming your dog's toe hair is easy, but it helps to start early and slow. Advanced groomers may use clippers or scissors, but we recommend a set of safety scissors with rounded tips for those just starting out.

When we first began showing dogs many years ago, we sought to find products we could confidently use ourselves time and time again. Today, we have over 60 years of grooming experience between us, and we're confident in the products we supply. Everything we offer in our selection of grooming essentials is used by us personally and has received our stamp of approval.