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Luxury Dog Enclosures & House Training Essentials

Whether you have one or a whole litter, using a dog enclosure is an invaluable training tool that you'll be happy you invested in for years to come. Enclosures allow you to keep a close eye on your brood so you're not surprised by accidents later, while keeping your puppies safe from stairs, electric wires and other items they can get into in the blink of an eye.
Early and consistent training is essential if you want to raise a dog that's easy to care for, good natured and attentive. By providing a reliable and positive environment in which your puppy can explore confidently while learning the ropes of everyday life, you'll be able to raise a dog that's a joy to be around every single day. Enclosures are a functional and reliable way to keep your dog in a preferred area while you're still training. These enclosures are particularly great for house training, however, some households prefer to keep them up for life to ensure a safe and designated space for their dog at all times. That's why the enclosures in our collection are designed to be a beautiful addition to any space. Our six-panel pens can be arranged in a variety of ways to keep your puppy close to you or away from areas of the house that are dangerous or carpeted. Set them up in any position; there are no tools required for assembly and rearranging your configuration is as quick and easy as 1-2-3.

During house training, it's imperative that your dog is under close supervision so that you can create a consistent schedule between eating, playing and sleeping to follow. Check out our tips on using crate training to help your dog learn how to hold it, and using our famous Pish Pad to help mitigate accidents effectively in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.