Handmade Designer Fashion Dog Harnesses

When it comes to taking your pooch on a walk, harnesses are the way to go. Allowing you to have more control than with a collar, they are perfect to keep your pup safe on busy, crowded streets. Harnesses are especially ideal for smaller dogs, as collars can cause injury if your dog likes to tug on the leash. A harness disperses the pressure over a larger area of the body, keeping the strain off your puppy’s neck. Even better, unlike collars, your dog cannot easily wriggle out of a harness.
Now, a typical dog harnesses can be boring and unstylish. Our exclusive collection of custom made, designer harnesses breaks that mold. These one-of-a-kind harnesses match the elegance of you and your pooch, and each product only comes in one of each size. Check out our picks for high-end harnesses that match every style.

Classic Elegance

For the pup that exudes elegance and grace, Chrisman Pet Couture’s selection of velcro harnesses effortlessly combine luxury with function. This gorgeous lace harness (pictured left) features a comfortable white textured fabric with black lace applique. The red lace flowers add a stunning and classy pop of color. If you are looking for a more subdued color palette with the same amount of classic chicness, consider this amazing grey & taupe brocade harness. Each piece is handmade in the USA with designer fabrics, so you can be assured of their premium quality.

Minimal Magnificence

If you are looking for your puppy to match your masterfully minimalist wardrobe, we have the perfect picks for you. This exquisite white circle harness (pictured left) is clean and simple, and it will be sure to match both you and your dog’s style. The whimsical circle pattern adds a touch of playfulness to the design, perfectly fitting your fur baby’s personality. Perhaps you want to contrast your dog’s white fur? This black lace harness is a fantastic choice for your pooch. Made from gorgeous designer lace, this harness will complement the poise and refinement of your dog. Please be sure to measure your dog before placing your order to ensure you are receiving the correct size!

Bold & Beautiful

For a harness as feisty as your pup’s personality, we have you covered. This fiery red lace harness (pictured below - left) makes a bold fashion statement while also exuding grace and charm. Make your puppy the statement piece of your outfit with this amazing, high-quality piece. If you are looking for something more unique, check out this luxurious butterfly lace harness (pictured below - right). With a beautiful mix of colors including red, blue, yellow, white and black, this print certainly stands out from the crowd. It’s a perfect one-of-a-kind piece to show off at social events or dog shows!

Gold & Graceful

Let your pet’s heart of gold shine on the outside with one of these beautiful harnesses. If you’re looking for more of a natural look, this gold canvas harness fits the bill. Made of premium cotton, lace, twill and microfiber on the inside, this harness is both fashionable and comfortable for your pup. For more of a flashy, eye-catching appearance, consider this golden dreams harness. With a mixture of sequins and beading, this unique harness will turn heads!

Sweet Sophistication
Chrisman Pet Couture Spring Flowers 2018 Harness

Your pet is your angel, so dress them like one! This dreamy pink floral harness (pictured above) features lovely, hand-applied 3D flowers. Its green and tan accents complement the spring flower pattern perfectly, creating a sweet and cute aesthetic. For an equally romantic yet more subtle pattern, try this green brocade harness . The green brocade layered over the cream background reminds us of the enchanting beauty of nature. Remember, once sold out, these gorgeous pieces will not be available again; so be sure to place you order today!

Spring Flowers Dog Harness

Green Brocade Dog Harness