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Deep Conditioning for Dogs

Damage happens. Whether from frequent washing or from excessive styling, a damaged coat is a normal part of the show dogs' life. All damaged coats require treatment, but as you might have already learned, unfortunately not all products are created equal. When treating your dog's coat for dryness, split ends or breakage, it's important to reach for the best the first time around.
Our selection of Premium SHOW products offer healthy deep conditioning without nasty buildup or residue. Don't weigh your dog's hair down with other products that promise results. Premium SHOW products only use high-quality ingredients proven to restore elasticity, shine and manageability. We never use chemicals linked to health concerns and use all-natural ingredients whenever possible.

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COAT THERAPY Leave In Conditioner COAT THERAPY All Purpose Leave In Conditioner [8oz]

Coat Therapy Leave-In Conditioner for Dogs

Frayed ends and a coat that has difficulty growing are signs of serious damage. Deliver the right kinds of ingredients designed to repair an overworked coat without weighing it down by using Show Premium's Coat Therapy. This leave-in conditioner is formulated for dogs with frizz and flyaways, dry coats, split ends and dull hair. It combines a variety of beneficial ingredients including Pro Vitamin B5 and smoothing proteins to repair tired coats and grow hair by sealing the cuticle to minimize breakage.
After years of showing dogs ourselves and continually being disappointed in the results of other hair care products, we began the long and rewarding process of creating our own line of grooming essentials. Through our careful research, we found which ingredients offered long-term results and which were harmful over time. Whether you're showing, you're a breeder or you're one of our many clients who simply value proper hair care, you'll be delighted to know that we never use parabens or sodium chloride, and that are products offer thermal protection for blow drying and straightening.

Conditioner for Hair Banding & Wrapping

This leave-in conditioner is an excellent product for hair wrapping before a show. Wrap your dog's hair in order to provide additional protection for long coats and to help encourage proper growth. Before hair wrapping, wash and dry the coat, providing a thorough brushing with a pin brush. Use Coat Therapy Leave-In to prevent tangles and hair breaks, taking care to attend to small individual sections while brushing all the way to the skin.

* Can be used on dry hair to smooth away frizz and flyaways
* Use after bathing to create elasticity and healthy, flowing coats
* Leave in full strength on face hair with or without bands and wraps
* Dilute in warm water and pour over coats to add protection during coat maintenance baths
* Proceed as above for show baths to add extra weight and shine to damaged coats creating a visually healthy and vibrant coat
* Use in minimal amounts, full strength, with a flat iron to condition and straighten damaged coats (especially split ends) on show day to create a visually healthy, flowing and conditioned texture

Our Price: $39.95

KERA-FIXX 5 MINUTE MIRACLE - Deep Conditioning Treatment by SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Products KERA-FIXX 5 MINUTE MIRACLE - Deep Conditioning Treatment [8oz]

Kera-Fixx 5-Minute Miracle Treatment

for Overworked Show Coats

Give us five minutes and we'll give you your dog's healthy coat back. The 5-Minute Miracle was designed to restore damaged coats and bring back the moisture lost due to chemical treating, excessive brushing and styling.
Where other hair treatments use low-quality ingredients that cause more harm than good over time, Kera-Fixx 5-Minute Miracle breaks the mold. Finally, a keratin-infused treatment that can hold up its end of the bargain. Our deepest conditioning treatment, this formula is infused and super-charged with proteins and plant extracts to repair frizzy flyaways, reduce breakage, restore manageability and add luster - all without parabens or sodium chloride.
Our selection of dog show grooming products puts your dog first. We use ingredients that have been proven to work, and leave out anything harmful.

Use once a month and then less frequently as coat improves.
Formulated for SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Products by Pish Pad, llc.

Our Price: $42.95

Royal Treatment Repair Masque by SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Products Royal Treatment Repair Masque [8oz]


Deep Conditioning Treatment
No Parabens or Sodium Chloride

A deep conditioning treatment formulated to nourish, strengthen and repair damaged coats. Infused with Moroccan Argan Oil and Shea Butter to penetrate and rebuild the coat from within.
After just one treatment, coats are restored back to a healthy and natural condition.

Use once a week and then less frequently as coat improves.

Our Price: $42.95


Don't currently use any conditioner for your dogs? A regular conditioner should be part of his normal bathing routine. Everyday conditioners add valuable nutrients to hair and promote strength, shine and manageability. After applying a conditioner, you'll find that your dog's hair brushes more easily and results in a more beautiful dry coat.
Leave-in conditioners for dogs help to rebuild the coat from within and provide that extra bit of moisture your dog's coat might have been lacking.
Have a question about one of our deep conditioners? Your dogs deserve the best and we're committed to providing you with quality products and quality answers. Contact us if you'd like to know more about the items you're about to purchase!