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Boutique Smuggler Bags for Every Occasion

All puppy parents want to spend as much time with their pooch as possible. Unfortunately, this task can be difficult with errands to run, meetings to attend and appointments to go to. Not to mention that most places are not always dog-friendly, even for the smallest and most docile of pups. Smuggler bags are a great option for dog owners who want to take their fur baby along with them in style. Featuring classy designs, these designer smuggler bags allow you to discreetly transport your dog with you, wherever you go. Check out these five boutique smuggler bags fit for every occasion!


Chrisman Pet Couture Black + Leopard Smuggler

Whether you are traveling for work or jetting off to a summer vacay, this bag is essential for dog parents on the go. Doubling as a purse and a carrier, it features two separate side compartments that are perfectly suited to fit credit cards, keys, cell phone and, of course, your boarding pass. This roomy bag can fit a dog (or two) up to 16 pounds. With cushy chin pillows and mesh ventilation windows, your pup will be traveling in complete comfort. Better yet, unlike hard shell carriers, this purse is pliable, so you can easily fit it underneath your airline seat.


Chrisman Pet Couture Checkered Carrier

Bring your furry angel out to eat with your girlfriends in this stylish checkered carrier. With subtle tones of caramel, grey and white with a pop of red, this bag is sure to match your best brunch outfit. Featuring two mesh windows, your puppy can sit comfortably while peering out at the world around them. The convenient front pocket is large enough to stash keys, sunglasses or treats if your pup wants to brunch too.


Chrisman Pet Couture Diamonds Are Forever Smuggler Purse

Take your best furry friend out shopping with you in this beautiful hobo-style vegan leather bag. It’s so chic no one would ever guess it’s a carrier! With its laser-cut diamond pattern, this purse provides great ventilation for your puppy. It is reinforced with strong mesh and is designed to stand up when placed on the floor, so your dog can stay by your side at all times and retail employees will be none the wiser.


Chrisman Pet Couture Plaid Carrier

Let’s face it, typical dog carriers are boring, uncomfortable to carry and sometimes downright ugly. An elegant dog deserves an elegant bag, don’t you think? Arrive at dog shows, vet visits and or anywhere else in style with this luxe plaid carrier. Compact and lightweight, it couldn’t be easier or more convenient to store. Your small dog will feel safe and secure in this well-crafted carrier, and they can feel at ease looking out through the mesh panel.


Chrisman Pet Couture Specific Breed Smuggler Purse

Whether you’re a puppy grandma or just the go-to dog sitter, having a smuggler bag on hand when watching your favorite pooch makes your job a lot easier. Your daily routine doesn’t have to change just because you’re pet sitting! Take them along with you to run errands in this stylish pink bag. Better yet, you can flaunt your furry friend by representing their breed on the bag itself. This bag also makes a fantastic gift to give to your friend who has a beloved dog. Just be sure to ask them to let you borrow it whenever you puppy-sit.

Which bag is your favorite? Check out our full collection of boutique smuggler bags at our store!