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Picture Perfect Multi-Purpose Soft Brush Picture Perfect Multi-Purpose Soft Brush

Our PICTURE PERFECT Multi-Purpose Soft Brush is an essential tool when grooming at home or at the shows.

  • Use with CLARITY No Rinse Stain Remover : The soft and gentle bristles help to clear away any eye debris to reach down deep through the coat and into the skin to help our CLARITY spray exfoliate and treat the entire affected area.
  • Use with PICTURE PERFECT Styling + Conditioning Paste: Whether you're trying to grow out smaller hairs around the eye or working on the perfect top knot, this brush with some Picture Perfect (applied in small amounts on the tips) will help smooth down all those pesky little fly aways. The softest bristles will apply the product evenly and reach the outer and some of the inner hairs to create a picture perfect, smooth and professional finish on all coat textures.
  • Use with COAT THERAPY: In much the same way as you would use with PICTURE PERFECT, this brush will aid in smoothing and evenly distributing our COAT THERAPY onto all the smaller fly aways to create and smooth, even and professional finish and appearance while sealing split ends.
The PICTURE PERFECT Multi-Purpose Soft Brush measures approximately 5 3/4 inches and comes in clear only. It is entirely reusable and washable (and should be washed regularly between groomings). Also comes with a protective cover to keep the nylon bristles from getting damaged when stored away.

Our Price: $5.95
Picture Perfect Precision Scissors Picture Perfect Precision Scissors

Made of the highest quality Stainless Steel.
Perfect for trimming lashes, whiskers, in between pads and anywhere else that needs precise finishing touches.
Can also be used to cut out bands.
Size: 3.5 in (88.9 mm)
Color: Stainless Steel with Hot Pink

Our Price: $8.95
Picture Perfect Safety Scissors Picture Perfect Safety Scissors

Made of the highest quality Stainless Steel.
Perfect for trimming lashes, whiskers, in between pads and anywhere else that needs precise finishing touches. The rounded tips make it safer to use than standard scissors since the blades curve away from the skin.
Can also be used to cut out bands.
Size: 3.5 in (88.9 mm)
Color: Stainless Steel

Our Price: $8.95
Mini Shedding Comb Mini Shedding Comb

A mini shedding comb with two different lengths of teeth.
The long teeth reach into the undercoat coat and the short teeth remove loose hairs.

Our Price: $8.95
Double Sided Bottle Brush Double Sided Bottle Brush

The Double Sided Bottle Brush is a premium, multipurpose water bottle brush that helps keep your pet’s water supply fresh. This double-sided brush has a small brush at the top of the handle for cleaning Water Feeders, tubes and caps, and a wider brush at the end. You can use it to clean everything from water bottles to critter tubes and parts from modular cages. There’s even a convenient loop for hanging the brush to dry when you’re done.

Key Benefits

  • Two brushes in one so you can tackle any mess than comes your way.
  • Handle measures 16” making cleaning deep bottles a cinch.
  • Handy loop for hanging: you'll always know where to find it.
  • Includes tube and cap brush to reach the smaller areas.
  • Cleans cage accessories as well!

Our Price: $8.95
Small Soft Slicker Small Soft Slicker

A small size, soft slicker brush used to detangle and remove undercoat. Great to work out small knots and matts. Good to use on ears and feet when drying to starighten coat.

Our Price: $12.95
Medium Round Pin Brush Medium Round Pin Brush

  • A 10 inch medium, round head pin brush with ergonomic comfort grip.
  • Great for detangling all coat lengths
  • Reaches down through the coat, onto the skin to help release loose hair
  • Better than typical pin brushes
  • Massages the skin
  • Use on wet and/or dry coats
  • Regular, daily brushing
  • * Excellent tool for pulling out loose hair and creating a flat silky texture from cottony coats*

Our Price: $14.95
Professional Comb Medium/Fine 8" Professional Comb Medium/Fine 8"

Our Professional finishing comb with Coarse to Fine long teeth
Great to use to work out the smallest knots, to lift coats for scissoring and trimming and to comb through long lengths.

Our Price: $14.95
Soft Slicker Brush Soft Slicker Brush

Our soft slicker brush is for gently removing mats, tangles and loose hair.
Great to use when drying feet and ears on longer coats.
Helps stretch the coat to dry quick and straight.
Ideal for thicker coats that need to be thinned out gently and quickly.
Featuring flexible pins with plastic tips, this tool contours to the dog's body for efficient grooming. This brush distributes natural oils for a soft, shiny coat while gently removing dead hair.
Even better when used with our
Knot Anymore Detangler Spray

Our Price: $16.95
Small Pin Brush with Comfort Grip Small Pin Brush with Comfort Grip

A comfortable grip small-size pin brush with a strong rubber cushion.
Pin brush that can be used on dry or wet coats.

Our Price: $16.95
Professional Comb Medium/Fine 4.5" Professional Comb Medium/Fine 4.5"

An excellent finishing comb specifically designed for small to medium dogs with fine to medium coats.

Our Price: $16.95
Professional Fine/Medium Comb [Small] Professional Fine/Medium Comb [Small]

  • 4.5" long
  • Medium and Fine teeth
  • Used for combing through face hair and feet
  • Detailing and Finishing Comb

Our Price: $16.95
Professional Comb Medium/Coarse 7.25" Professional Comb Medium/Coarse 7.25"

This comb should be in every grooming bag and tack box. Its the perfect size, go-to comb with wide and narrow spacing of the teeth for combing through dry or wet coats of all lengths. The long, rounded teeth reach down through the coat to the root of the hair. Gentle to the skin.

Our Price: $18.95
SHOW Grooming Apron SHOW Grooming Apron

Our official SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Products groomers' apron.
One size fits all. Three pockets.
Color: Slate Grey with our Company logo

Our Price: $19.95

Doggone White Cosmetic Whitening Powder Doggone White Cosmetic Whitening Powder

Doggone White Cosmetic Whitening Powder with Lavender Scent
contains cosmetic grade whitening powders and conditioning clays that help to absorb moisture, neutralize odor and condition the coat as they help cover stains. The time released Lavender scent creates a calming effect. 100% Talc free

Apply liberally with brush to desired area. Leave on 2 minutes, brush or comb through coat to

remove excess. Reapply as needed.

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes. External use only.

Our Price: $29.95