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Pish Pad® is an all-in-one product with an infinite amount of uses

Pish Pad
was invented by dog breeders with the dog breeder in mind. Raising dogs as a hobby is a lot of work and can be very time consuming. We wanted to develop a product that would cut cleaning time in half, be reusable and eco-friendly, launder easily (without excessive wear and tear on a washer and dryer) and be not only safe for the dogs to exercise and potty on, but to also keep them clean.
Pish Pad
® is all of that and more!

Nothing is more offensive than the look and smell of wet, dirty, stained puppies on saturated newspapers...especially when you have potential Puppy Buyers coming to your home.
Presentation is EVERYTHING!

Breeders now have the one, perfect, washable and reusable product that can be custom cut (without fraying)
to line ex pens, whelping boxes, cages, crates, grooming tables, grooming areas, sink areas, and potty areas (indoors and outdoors).
Only Pish Pad® can be cut to size, layered, if desired. and then washed and re-used over and over with ease.

Pish Pad® provides the ideal surface for dogs to exercise and relieve themselves on without getting stained and soiled. The top layer, was not only chosen for its ability to allow liquid to be absorbed quickly, it also permits the dog to move freely without slipping.
Pish Pad® in an Exercise Pen

Pish Pad® will reduce crate and cage cleaning time so
you'll have more quality time to do what you love with your dogs.


Pish Pad® can be cut into the perfect size to fit in any whelping box and around the whelping area.
Pish Pad® will make cleaning a breeze.
Pish Pad® is the ideal surface for puppies to learn how to walk and then potty on.
Training your pups on
Pish Pad® and then sending Pish Pad® home with the new Owners makes the transition into the new environment effortless and the continued training process for the new Owners complete.