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Getting Rid of Your Dog's Tear & Fur Stains

Fur discoloration is not an uncommon problem and is naturally most noticeable on white dogs. Discoloration can occur from tears, saliva and urine due to a type of pigment that's naturally occuring in these, but can also be the result of repeated contact with certain minerals in your dog's drinking water. It's important to rule out any medical conditions such as eyelid abnormalities that result in excessive tearing, allergies that lead to excessive biting or dental disease that results in increased saliva production before beginning your own treatment at home. Once you've confirmed your pup is healthy, there are some easy ways to go about removing those unsightly stains.

Lightening Shampoo

This gentle shampoo doesn't contain soaps or detergents, and is enriched with natural botanical ingredients to help balance pH and lighten your dog's stained fur. We were Maltese owners, breeders and showers for decades before finally developing Doggone White, and we're so glad we did. After many disappointing attempts to remove stains from our Maltese dogs, and realizing just how damaging those other products were, we created our line of whitening products. Doggone White shampoo gently cleanses and restores coats back to original natural shine and luster. Its light conditioning properties help to protect coats from further damage and dryness.

Tear Stain Powder Mist

This is among one of our favorite whitening products for dog shows. This cosmetic powder dries hair that otherwise stays wet from excessive tearing, and covers stained areas on the go. To use it, spray the area you wish to treat, then press the powder down with your fingers. Continue this process until you achieve the desired look. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.

Perfect pH Powder

Staining can also result from minerals in the water or ingredients in your dog's food. This Doggone White favorite eliminates tear and body staining due to an unbalanced pH, and can be added directly to drinking water or applied to the skin in the form of a body wash or spray.
Additionally, to minimize stains from drinking water, consider using a water feeder over a bowl. Add one scoop to drinking water daily, and shake or stir until the powder is completely dissolved. Continue using pH Perfect Powder to prevent future problems. Unlike some other whitening products that use antibiotics to reduce staining, Doggone White only uses safe and natural ingredients that won't impact your dog's overall health.
Get the most out of our whitening products by regularly wiping your dog's paws and face with a clean cloth to remove excess tears or saliva.