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After years of disappointment in ineffective grooming products, we set out to create a line of dog hair care that would finally be different. Along the way, we discovered something very upsetting: Many of the grooming products we’d been using, from “gentle” puppy shampoos to dog finishing sprays for dog shows, actually contain a variety of harmful hormones, sulfates and carcinogens. That’s when we decided to draw the line, and SHOW Premium was born.

SHOW Premium is a luxury line of hormone-, sodium chloride- and paraben-free dog hairstyling products. This includes a selection of safe dog hair spray, dog shampoo, fur stain remover and more. Although our products provide professional-grade results, they’re easy to use – and even easier on dog’s health, inside and out. Whether you’re using our products once a month for a regular bath or much more frequently, you can rest easy knowing we’ve eliminated the bad stuff without sacrificing effectiveness. In fact, we know that once you’ve tried our products, you’ll never look back.

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CLARITY Mint Oil Treatment by SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Products CLARITY Mint Oil Treatment [2oz]

CLARITY Mint Oil Treatment. All Natural & Nourishing. No Parabens or Sodium Chloride ~ Straightener Safe.
An all-natural nourishing oil treatment that eliminates dryness, prevents breakage and leaves the coat and skin healthy and shiny. Soybean Oil conditions and protects, Sweet Almond Oil adds elasticity and Peppermint Oil invigorates the skin.
A more natural and healthier method.

Our Price: $12.95

CLARITY No Rinse Gentle Face Wash [5oz] CLARITY No Rinse Gentle Face Wash [5oz]

CLARITY No Rinse Gentle Daily Face Wash
Cleanse + Hydrate + Smooth
5 fl oz/147 ml
Ingredients: A special blend of the highest quality Micellar Water and French Lavender oil in A Witch Hazel base.
Gently Smooths and Moisturizes dry skin
Directions: Shake well before using
Press down on applicator to saturate cotton ball or pad. Gently wipe desired area.
No rinsing necessary. Use daily or as often as needed. Do not apply directly into eyes.

Our Price: $16.95

THE BALM! Conditioning & Straightening Balm [4oz] by SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Products The BALM! Conditioning + Straightening Balm [2.5oz]

Conditioning + Straightening Balm

Straightens & Conditions
No Alcohol, Parabens or Sodium Chloride ~ UV Protectant

A leave-in deep treatment and finishing product in one. Condition, straighten and control dry, frizzy coats with this balm infused with botanically rich ingredients. Transforms heavy and damaged coats into silky, healthy, flowing hair. For maximum manageability and shine.

Our Price: $19.95

TEASE ME Volume + Texturizing Powder by SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Products TEASE ME Volume + Texturizing Powder

TEASE ME Volumizing + Texture Powder

Adds Volume & Texture

A little goes a long way.
This unique, extremely lightweight powder adds volume and texture.
Never feels sticky or stiff, and can be used frequently throughout the day.
Top knots made easy!

Formulated for you by Pish Pad, llc

Our Price: $19.95

MOISTURE UNLEASHED Daily Coat Conditioning Spray [8oz] MOISTURE UNLEASHED Daily Coat Conditioner Spray [8oz]

MOISTURE UNLEASHED Daily Coat Conditioner Spray
Strengthens & Protects

No Parabens or Sodium Chloride ~ UV & Thermal Protectant

Brush daily with this leave-in, anti-static conditioner spray that strengthens, smooths and detangles all coat textures with no build-up.
Horsetail Extract adds shine, Aloe Extract soothes the scalp, and Green Tea Extract protects the coat.
Can be used with flat irons. Creates shine without weight.

Formulated for you by Pish Pad, llc.

Our Price: $20.95

KNOT ANYMORE Detangling Spray by SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Products KNOT ANYMORE Detangling Spray [8oz]

KNOT ANYMORE Detangling Spray
Detangles & Conditions
No Parabens or Sodium Chloride ~ Straightener Safe ~ UV Protectant
Daily brushing becomes easier with our anti-static, detangling conditioner spray. Infused with active botanicals, leaves hair shiny without weighing it down. Pro Vitamin B5 adds shine and conditions. Strengthens, soothes and repairs split ends with no build up.

Our Price: $20.95

PICTURE PERFECT Styling + Conditioning Paste from SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Products Picture Perfect Styling + Conditioning Paste

PICTURE PERFECT Styling +Conditioning Paste
Texture + Medium Hold

Contains No Alcohol, No Parabens or Sodium Chloride

This medium hold, pliable, molding and texturizing paste is ideal for getting a clean, finished look on your pet.
Controls and trains the hair with just the right am
ount of hold while Argan and Coconut Oils help repair, moisturize and add shine.
Great for use on the face to keep hair out of the eyes and prevent staining.
Perfect for all coat textures.
No flaking or stiffness and non-greasy.
Semi-matte finish.

Formulated for you by Pish Pad, llc

Our Price: $21.95

CLARITY No Rinse Stain Remover by SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Products CLARITY No Rinse Stain Remover [8 oz]

CLARITY No Rinse Stain Remover [8oz]
A Multi-Purpose, Anti-Bacterial, Conditioning, 3-in-1 Spot Wash. CLEANSE - A no-rinse, low-sudsing, sodium chloride and paraben-free formula that gently cleanses the coat and skin.
CLEAR - A safe grade anti-bacterial, anti-infammatory and anti-oxidant solution breaks down proteins and clears away unwanted bacteria caused by excessive tearing or urine.
CONDITION - The perfect blend of natural, hydrating and nourishing conditioners including vitamin B5 & C, rosemary, sea kelp, orange, chamomile, cucumber, sage, and aloe that fill the follicle to prevent unwanted breakage and staining.Great for * Cleaning faces daily (multiple times per day when necessary) without drying out or damaging coat * Keeping yeast from spreading and causing staining on coats* Spot washing coats (removing stains caused by proteins) * Taking down/breaking down top knots without damaging or drying out coat and skin * Moisturizing dry skin and coat

Our Price: $22.95

THE SHINING High Gloss Coat Polish by SHOW Premium Pet Grooming Products THE SHINING High Gloss Coat Polish [2.5oz]

THE SHINING High Gloss Coat Polish
Thermal Protection & Shine
No Alcohol, Parabens or Sodium Chloride ~ UV & Thermal Protectant

A high gloss coat polish that creates an incredible shine on any texture.
Seals frayed and frizzy ends and protects against thermal damage.
Reduces drying time as it conditions.
Can be used on wet or dry coats.
Use with a flat iron to create ultra smooth textures and high coat shine.

Formulated for you by Pish Pad, llc

Our Price: $24.95

Royal Treatment Brush* Less Ultimate Maintenance Spray 8oz Royal Treatment Brush*Less Ultimate Maintenance Spray 8oz

Ultimate Maintenance Spray

This non-greasy, Ultimate Maintenance Spray can be used on coats in between bath days to provide
instant hydration to both the coat and skin.
Marula oil helps to restore and seal dry, damaged ends.
Rough coat textures become smooth, soft and shiny.
Use when working through knots and matted coats. Works on repairing the coats before bath day.

Our Price: $28.95

Doggone White Cosmetic Whitening Powder Doggone White Cosmetic Whitening Powder

Removes Stains
Cosmetic-Grade Whitening

Our Price: $29.95

COAT THERAPY Leave In Conditioner COAT THERAPY All Purpose Leave In Conditioner [8oz]

Coat Therapy Leave-In Conditioner for Dogs

Frayed ends and a coat that has difficulty growing are signs of serious damage. Deliver the right kinds of ingredients designed to repair an overworked coat without weighing it down by using Show Premium's Coat Therapy. This leave-in conditioner is formulated for dogs with frizz and flyaways, dry coats, split ends and dull hair. It combines a variety of beneficial ingredients including Pro Vitamin B5 and smoothing proteins to repair tired coats and grow hair by sealing the cuticle to minimize breakage.
After years of showing dogs ourselves and continually being disappointed in the results of other hair care products, we began the long and rewarding process of creating our own line of grooming essentials. Through our careful research, we found which ingredients offered long-term results and which were harmful over time. Whether you're showing, you're a breeder or you're one of our many clients who simply value proper hair care, you'll be delighted to know that we never use parabens or sodium chloride, and that are products offer thermal protection for blow drying and straightening.

Conditioner for Hair Banding & Wrapping

This leave-in conditioner is an excellent product for hair wrapping before a show. Wrap your dog's hair in order to provide additional protection for long coats and to help encourage proper growth. Before hair wrapping, wash and dry the coat, providing a thorough brushing with a pin brush. Use Coat Therapy Leave-In to prevent tangles and hair breaks, taking care to attend to small individual sections while brushing all the way to the skin.

* Can be used on dry hair to smooth away frizz and flyaways
* Use after bathing to create elasticity and healthy, flowing coats
* Leave in full strength on face hair with or without bands and wraps
* Dilute in warm water and pour over coats to add protection during coat maintenance baths
* Proceed as above for show baths to add extra weight and shine to damaged coats creating a visually healthy and vibrant coat
* Use in minimal amounts, full strength, with a flat iron to condition and straighten damaged coats (especially split ends) on show day to create a visually healthy, flowing and conditioned texture

Our Price: $32.95